Just now learned that approximately half the stories I have spent the past year recording were, in fact, not backed up when my hard drive failed last month. And they are lost and gone forever. 

This includes an interview with Narab, a Khmer Rouge survivor from a village in central Cambodia. His parents were both shot and presumed dead by Khmer Rouge militia in 1981, six years after the official fall of the Khmer Rouge regime. His father, a school teacher, cradled an infant Narab in his arms and turned his back on the gunmen as they fired, hitting the father in his head. Neither Narab’s father nor his mother died that day. An extraordinary story of surviving three decades of Khmer Rouge terror ending at the elementary school Narab founded and runs now that their reign is over. One of so many incredible stories lost to faulty hardware. 

The premiere of Yeah, Let’s Go There the podcast will come soon. While the first season will be shorter than expected, it is full of tales that will shock and inspire, just as Narab’s can still do. 

Spread the word. Yeah, Let’s Go There is coming to you.

AuthorJ Russell Mikkelsen