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Yeah, Let's Go There... 

is a traveling podcast that captures glimpses of life from around the world. We trot the globe to see things we haven't seen before, meet people we haven't met before, and hear stories we haven't heard before. 

Yeah, Let's Go There began as a tumblr blog where I shared personal travel stories with family and friends after I quit my job to travel the world in early 2013.

It is now the traveling podcast you see before you. Where remarkable and inspirational stories from humans the world over can be downloaded and enjoyed at your leisure.

I still share my personal stories on the blog but also keep fans updated on all progress and events that have to do with Yeah, Let's Go There and its podcast.

If you have a story most people haven't heard, contact the show and we'll listen. Scan the tabs above to read the blog, download and subscribe to the podcast or contact us.

Yeah, Lets Go There was created by J Russell Mikkelsen, a writer and the editor/ curator of Estimated Time of Arrival, a collection of travel articles on Medium.com.

J Russell Mikkelsen decided to quit his day job in March of 2013 and travel the world instead. His first year abroad was spent in East Asia, traveling from Taiwan and China into Southeast Asia before finishing in Indonesia. It was during this time that he collected the stories that comprise season one of Yeah, Let's Go There the podcast. The second season of Yeah, Let's Go There will be collected while traveling through South and Central America, beginning with Brazil in June of 2014.

You can follow J Russell Mikkelsen on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr to keep up with his travels, the show, and see what's happening between seasons.