Hey there! Merry New Year!

2015 is a day away and that's when I promised the new season would be out. It is.... far from ready. Stories are still being collected. And though we have enough stories to launch the second season, the quality would drop. And we don't want that. I know you don't. So, we're going to wait, and wait, and keep collecting until we have enough material to blow your socks off!

Stay with us, but, Season Two is still at least six months away. 

In the mean time, be sure to keep up with the Yeah, Let's Go There tumblr where stories and updates are regularly posted. 


J Russell

AuthorJ Russell Mikkelsen

"I don't need to get married. I'm happy to get married but I don't need it to be a good husband. I don't need it for myself. You and I have been together for two years. I'm not going to run off...

You don't understand where I'm coming from. If you understood me, you'd agree with me...

I'm happy with my life. I don't need it to make me faithful. That's all I'm saying. Don't read more into it than that."

--50+ year old Englishman to his late thirties Vietnamese girlfriend


Originally published on the Yeah, Let's Go There blog.

AuthorJ Russell Mikkelsen

So many!

Really. I promise.

All the stories! They’re practically done!


They’re on their way.

Just hold on a little longer.

I can’t even describe how much writing I’m about to do. You’re all gonna be so happy.


I’ve also got a lot of practical matters to take care of.

But after that, SOOOO much writing is gonna happen!

And I’ll be writing A LOT in between errands.

For sure, I am.

A bit at least.

All my free time, really, it’s gonna be spent on writing stories.

You’ll see.

Pretty soon now.

I’m just gonna post how productive I’m being to Facebook first. 


Originally published on the Yeah, Lets Go There blog.

AuthorJ Russell Mikkelsen

We are accepting new artist submissions again!

During the first round, we received so much fantastic material from incredibly talented but unheralded artists we decided, we have to do this again. There are too many talented musicians out there that no one has ever heard of. We want to help spread your music to the masses.

So, now until April 4th, Yeah, Let's Go There will accept submissions from unknown and lesser known artists anywhere in the world. In this round, we are specifically looking for Pop styled music but we will also accept folk, Hip hop, blues, and anything instrumental. Send your submissions by email (YeahLetsGoThere@gmail.com) Twitter, or use our contact page

All submissions must be an original work. You will retain all rights to your submitted works. By submitted your original work to Yeah, Let's Go There (YLGT), you agree to allow YLGT to use your copyrighted material in the YLGT podcast and any subsequent re-broadcasts of YLGT and for the promotion of the YLGT podcast.

All submissions will be reviewed and receive a response. If you don't receive a response by April 8th, please follow up to make sure we received your original submission. 

AuthorJ Russell Mikkelsen

I would rather delay this week's episode by a day than sacrifice its quality. I'm no longer young enough to pull off all-nighters. It's a thrilling, tragic story and it deserves to be done right. Look for the new episode "The Last Phone Call" Monday at midnight. 

AuthorJ Russell Mikkelsen

Now until Feb. 28, Yeah, Let’s Go There is accepting submissions from all local, underground, trip hop, blues, electronic, folk, rock and pop artists and anything in those veins. Instrumental tracks get first priority. Email, message, tweet or simply use our contact page.

AuthorJ Russell Mikkelsen